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July 17, '17

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Essential LinkedIn updates every B2B marketer needs to know about

Back at the end of the last year when Microsoft finally acquired LinkedIn, marketers the world over waited eagerly to see what the joining of the world’s biggest business card collection and one of the world’s tech titans would mean. It would seem that, over recent weeks, we’re starting to really see the fruits of that acquisition.

June 27, '17

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How to measure comms the Harvard way

To say that measurement has been a thorny issue for communications agencies for many years would be an understatement. But a lot of this debate, in our view, has been unnecessarily complicated and fuelled by self-doubt, confusion and misunderstandings.

May 26, '17

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Amaz-only way to go – the rise of a web superpower and the brand issues that could derail it

Listing all of Amazon’s offerings would take up this entire blog post. But, for those who may live under a rock which shockingly has no free WiFi, they include its online retail arm which now sells everything from books to clothes to appliances, the AmazonFresh grocery service, Amazon Web Services, the Kindle product line, music streaming and more recently its AI brainchild, the intelligent personal assistant Alexa.

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