One of the most important parts of Harvard’s culture is that we all genuinely care about technology, whether that’s the latest item of wearable tech, a breaking security threat to businesses, a new development in robotics or the impending release of the next smartphone.

And we want to work with clients that we’re equally passionate about. From global giants to the coolest start-ups, every one of our clients puts technology at the heart of what they do to leave a lasting impact on the world around them. That puts us in a very exciting position as we bring their stories to life in the most imaginative ways possible.

We’re also savvy about the fact that the way we do this is changing. The comms game is evolving rapidly. Standard press offices won’t stand the test of time. We need to own the “big ideas” approach of ad agencies to wow clients with game-changing concepts and be at the forefront of creating fully-integrated campaigns that work across digital and social media channels as well as traditional print ones.

That’s why at the core of Harvard is our dedicated insight and content team which enables us to gain deeper and more relevant understanding of our clients’ challenges and create innovative ways of putting substance behind every story. Ask them about everything from creating brand news rooms to developing funky infographics to creating compelling video content. Having resources like this one – as well as a range of strategists, creatives and digital experts in the wider group – means we don’t develop ordinary PR campaigns…but brilliant ones.

And it’s an approach that’s working. We’re winning interesting new clients all the time and that means our team is growing – and quickly! As this happens though we’re focused on keeping our entrepreneurial spirit. The management team is genuinely always interested to hear the team’s new ideas – whether you have a suggestion about how to improve client servicing, bring in new business leads, operate more efficiently, make our work lives more fun….or where to head for an after-work tipple or a game of dodgeball!

Welcome to the Harvard Way.

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