B2C Senior Creative


London, Victoria • Full-time, Perm


Salary – Up to £60,000

Our sister agency, Eat the Fox is looking to find a creative force of nature, an innovator and a figure of leadership. An unbreakable link between the creative ideation and the PR and marketing teams, you’re one of the faces of the creative team, constantly wowing new and existing clients with your out of the box thinking, creative concepts, knowledge, insight and vision.

But you’re more than a creative: you are constantly making new business connections, deepening your understanding of strategy, managing the team’s resources and defining the agency’s tone-of-voice. You go above and beyond for your clients, building proactive strategic relationships where ideas flow like water.

You are a….

…visionary for our clients

manager in the creative department

leading voice for the wider agency team

…partner for the ECD and Consumer managing director

explosion of industry knowledge and experience

pundit of all things digital

You don’t just know industry trends – you create the trends. And you know exactly how to communicate what’s hot… and what’s not so hot.

You have a strong creative flair with the ability to think differently and generate new and compelling integrated PR led ideas (always from a BIG IDEA mindset); with the confidence & passion to present decks to clients.

From a creative ‘words’ background, you have 10+ years of agency experience (this could come from one or more of PR, marketing, digital, social or advertising); with a background in developing award-winning campaigns in both the consumer and b2b worlds. You’ll also have a passion for technology and the opportunity it offers.

You can lead on a creative brief; from conception to delivery.

You have a brilliant understanding of what works in the owned and earned media space as well as experience within paid media, and are able to spot how news and online topics can be effectively used in campaigns.

A solid commercial understanding and know how to unlock creative opportunities; both from a personal perspective and that of unlocking and developing ideas by the creative teams.

You respond to tight deadlines to deliver written plans and campaign proposals with confidence.

You’re constantly thinking about everyday creative activations for our clients; clever, cost effective and easy to make.

Able to inspire and lead a team to achieve their best and work at the highest possible standard for clients.

A talent for new business as well as adding value to existing clients.

You are a super creative and strategic thinker who has the gravitas and experience to represent both agency brands; Eat the Fox and Harvard internally and externally; helping brands make their move.

What you do

It may sound cliched, but no two days will be the same for you…

…one day you could be crafting a brand manifesto for a client

…the next day coming up with PR-able ideas for one of our tech powerhouse clients

…then reviewing a film script and adcepts from the creative team

…and the next day working on a pitch to help launch a tech start-up to the world

For our clients

  • Share creative ideas that build relationships and spark conversations
  • Be a source of bigger picture thinking and insightful input on complex strategic situations
  • Understand and transparently communicate every process involved in bringing campaigns to life
  • Help guide and influence the large-scale thinking of our clients
  • Be the one your clients come to for knowledge of the wider creative landscape

For our team…

  • Sign off on creative outputs from the studio
  • Represent the studio before clients and senior colleagues across the agency
  • Direct and manage team resources and workflows
  • Produce quarterly performance reports and identify ways to evolve our processes and philosophies
  • Mentor, develop and elevate more junior team members
  • Develop your creative interests outside of work and constantly share trends that inspire you

For our agency…

  • Proactively pursue new business opportunities
  • Be an agency ambassador, with a voice in industry media
  • Play a positive part in our agency culture and support Harvard’s and Eat the Fox’s marketing and social activity
  • Inspire team members outside the creative bubble by hosting workshops and presentations
  • Participate in our training programme – Never Stop Learning
  • Approach the fulfilment of your role with commitment, enthusiasm, confidence and expertise
  • Contribute to a tolerant and inclusive culture at Eat the Fox and Harvard

Are you ready to make your move?