Campus Party Europe is an annual week-long technology festival, where thousands of “Campuseros” (hackers, developers, gamers and technophiles), come equipped with laptops and immerse themselves in a truly unique environment. Two of the Harvard team were able to attend this year’s event on the Friday and got up to lots of fun.

We got to the 02 around 9am to visit Campus Party (CP) and ended up getting lost before we even got started. Because of the lack of signs, we ended up walking straight into the speakers entrance! But after being corrected and shown where the actual entrance was, we were able to start our day. The exhibition area was huge and was full of people and stands of technology products. As we walked around, we also saw many people asleep on the sofas, who were obviously there for the Hackathon that was taking place that week. The atmosphere was vibrant and everyone seemed to be excited for the day to come.

Soon it was time for the talks to start and both myself and George decided to split up and see different lectures. George went off to see competitive robotics while I decided to go to the main stage and learn more about the innovation to the market. It was a great talk to start off the day. Maurizzio Rossi, the speaker of this talk, gave a great insight into the revolution of innovation and the key drivers. One of them being the internet and how technology is the new language. Maurizzo touched upon sharing collaboratively, hacking as a culture, the history of innovation, and how technology enables diverse people to invent new digital/hybrid versions of themselves. Very fascinating.

After a wonder around and grabbing a few freebies, we caught the end of a speech on the main stage from Martin Varsavsky about how to share collaboratively. Soon after, Nolan Bushnell took to the main stage.

Nolan Bushnell (“the grandfather of video gaming”) was very interesting. He spoke about his career and how video games grew to what they were today. And then started to talk about how being creative is important. One thing he said was “When you create an idea that is revolutionary, no one will tell you that you are right. People will think you are crazy.” Very inspiring. He went onto talk about Google Glass and how one day we will all have a pair. And companies will clock onto this. For example, defeating evil monkeys in a Starbucks could win you a free latte.

After this talk and a spot of lunch, I saw a variety of different talks, including Technology in sport and entrepreneurship and building a global technology company. At the end of the day, I watched a panel talk about the tech leaders of tomorrow. This talk was based on research from Telefonica which took place in 27 countries in 6 regions. One of the stats I did take away from this panel was that 24% of millennial’s are carrying 3 different devices at all times. It was fascinating learning about what education is now doing to encourage more young people into IT and science, and how millennial’s will be changing the world. Definitely one of my highlights of the day.

And that was it. Overall, it was a brilliant day. I was unsure what to expect as this was my first event like this, but after Campus Party Europe, and learning so much, I am looking forward to future events!

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