Diversity, equity, and inclusion continues to be a key priority at Harvard, with our people first promise underpinning this – to ensure any person from any background feels safe, inspired and able to make their move.

Issue 01

2023 report

In 2023, Harvard remained committed to its diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) journey, making good progress across all areas. All of this with the aim of pushing ourselves and the industry forward and living up to our people-first promise: to ensure that any person from any background feels safe, enabled, and inspired to make their move. 

We retained our six pillar approach to DE&I, with senior leadership and core teams from all levels working on gender, disability, LGBTQ+, neurodiversity, race and ethnicity, and socioeconomic. This approach continued to allow us to cover a broad spectrum of issues, and provided each pillar the freedom to pursue the most relevant activities. It also galvanised us as an agency – giving every single member of the team a way to feed into our culture and make us a better agency as a result.

While we are proud of the progress made in 2023, we must acknowledge that in a challenging year for the industry, we wanted to have achieved even more. Our business, like many others, was hit with challenges we could never have foreseen and in places, that delayed some progress. But we refocused and made sure to keep striving – and we retained our energy and determination. We know the journey is never done and are excited at the prospect of accelerated progress in 2024. With the industry needing continued development in this area, we hope you find this report a valuable read. You can read our 2022 report here