Harvard brings Crocs to life with “Zappable” charms

Harvard PR

16 Sep 2014

Do you know what we love more than anything else here at the Harvard Towers? It’s a few things actually – new and cool technology (obviously), our resident Chihuahua, Izzy and toys, to name but a few. And with lots of Harvard mums and tots the chatter often falls to what’s hot on the toy list! So imagine our delight when we were tasked with raising the awareness of our new client, Zappar’s most recent partnership with Crocs to bring Jibbitz shoe charm’s to life with Augmented Reality. By using Zappar’s AR tech, children can now "zap" their shoe charms via the free smartphone or tablet app to unlock fun and exciting content including a racing car game, a paint ball tank game, a pet salon and a customisable butterfly. Genius! This was the perfect start to our new working life with Zappar, as not only did it give us the chance to talk to our favourite mobile marketing, consumer tech and lifestyle journalists, but also meant we could establish relationships with new and niche publications, outside our tech world, and talk to them about the future of technology in both the toy and footwear industry! Our media powerhouse, Sam, demonstrated his greatness by securing a raft of coverage everywhere from Marketing Magazine to Toy News from World Footwear to leading Dad blog, DAD.info – all of whom were very excited to take delivery of their very own Zappar-powered Jibbitz charms, so they too can to get to grips with the latest Augmented Reality craze. It’s an exciting time for the future of technology in the toy and fashion/footwear industry, and this is just one example. With lots of companies switching on to children’s receptiveness to new technologies, augmented reality is a proven platform to deliver content that is both entertaining and educational and we’re hugely excited to see what’s next. All new Zappar Powered Jibbitz for Crocs from Zappar on Vimeo. Want to read more about the future of digital toys? Read Zappar’s interesting blog on app-tivated products and integrated play.