For many start-ups, comms is the last thing on their mind. Instead, focus is firmly on testing, funding – and growth. Yet, as those that want to become scale-ups are quickly discovering, the latter cannot come without a focus on the former. So, as a growing business your mantra should be: “If I don’t tell my potential customers about it, how can they possibly know to engage with it?”

Here at Harvard we are a tech specialist agency with a keen eye on what’s just around the corner and a huge love for all things tech. We run a Tech Ignition programme which focusses squarely on start-ups and the creators of tomorrow and we want to get you involved.

We understand that when you’re starting out, a great idea can get weighed down with the constraints of a new business plan. Comms is crucial to get momentum for your idea but it’s often bottom of the priority list, so Harvard wants to offer you our time for free in return for you telling us about the tech that’s changing tomorrow.

No payment, no strings – you tell us about you and we tell you about effective comms for your idea. Get in touch and answer the three questions below and we’ll get back to you if you’re successful and organise a date. It’s as simple as that!

Three questions:

  1. Tell us a bit about your company (when were you founded? Who by? How many employees etc.)
  2. Tell us about the technology your company uses
  3. What round of funding are you at, and who is invested in the business? (series A etc.)


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