Heard@Harvard – Representation in Comms

Ellie Thompson

09 Nov 2020

In our fifth episode of Heard @ Harvard, Louie and I had the absolute pleasure to sit down with two members of the Harvard team – Efe Otokiti, an Editorial Manager and Amira Williams, who is an Account Executive.

This episode was focused on race in the workplace and had a small twist –  not only did we come armed with questions, so did Efe and Amira.

We started off by discussing both their individual experiences of race in the workplace, followed by the impact of the Black Lives Matter movement and how this has accelerated change. We also talked about why there is underrepresentation of Black people in the industry

If there is one thing we’d like to highlight from this episode, it’s the importance of listening and ensuring conversations about race in the workplace move beyond  ‘difficult,’ and instead form the basis of real and long-term positive change. Only by doing that can we unlearn what we’ve been taught, change the structures we’ve got in place to allow us to retain incredible talent and create a truly inclusive workforce.

Listen to the full episode below, and check out previous editions on Anchor.