Heard@Harvard – Tech for Good with Baroness Joanna Shields

Ellie Thompson

22 Oct 2020

For our fourth episode of Heard @ Harvard, we had a conversation with Baroness Joanna Shields OBE, who is both the CEO of BenevolentAI and founder of WePROTECT. In this episode, we spoke with Baroness Shields about a range of issues we’re facing in the world today; from her experience in the tech industry – and her disillusionment with it – to tech for good and her role at BenevolentAI and founding WePROTECT and the work she has done there. We cover her career all the way to the much-anticipated US elections and what the world holds tomorrow, a must-listen for anyone interested in the way the tech industry is shaping the world and our lives today, and the implicit responsibility that sits alongside tech leaders to enact positive change. Listen to the full episode below, and check out previous editions on Anchor.