Annual augmented reality revenues are forecast by Juniper Research to reach $1.2bn in 2015, as brands, retailers and publishers work out how to engage with consumers via their smartphones, and in future through wearable technologies such as Google Glass.

We love working with the developers helping to drive this sort of behavioural change among brands and consumers, which is why we’re delighted to announce we’re working with Zappar. The brainchild of two University of Cambridge graduates, zapcodes are already being used by Coca-Cola, Disney, Nissan, Sony and Visa.

Harvard has been taken on to launch and drive take-up of Zappar’s Zapcode Creator, an accessible and affordable way for smaller businesses and boutique brands to reap the benefits of augmented reality. Zappar loved our previous experience launching another AR provider, as well as our creative ideas, which we will execute across traditional media and social channels.

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