The good, the bad and the ugly – our favourite campaigns from August

Sarah Attwood

29 Aug 2014

With our summer tans now starting to fade and the reality of the rain now hitting home for many us, there have been many brands over the last month who have been especially cheeky and cheerful to keep the summer spirit alive.

Taken from our Tumblr page – Oh Holy Shet! – here are some of the our favourites successes and disasters from August. Yes, there are mentions of Harry Styles and Justin Bieber. Don’t get too excited…

Paddy Power has done it again. It has kept up its mischievous nature and had fun with an unaware suspect who accidentally text a member of Paddy’s social media team, instead of a girl he had met up with the night before. Awks.

Oh holy shet!

paddy power

Paddy Power played along with the flirty conversation (posting all the texts on its Twitter), and after a number of hours admitted the truth to Steve, who also saw the funny side by texting “Hello Internet, I’m Steve. I hope you enjoyed me being a complete tool.” Absolutely brilliant.

Result? Social media guru.

Harvard blog 2Nope, Harry Styles has not died. You can all stop panicking and stop the rampage.


This in fact is one of several different adverts created by the British Legion to commemorate the anniversary of the First World War starting earlier this month. These adverts look to remember those people who are not famous from the war, but coincidentally have the same name as famous celebrities. Andy Murray, Tom Jones and Gordon Brown are also part of this very poignant campaign. Nicely done by the British Legion.

Result? Advertising hero.

Oh… holy shet


For years there have been many arguments as to whether award shows are rigged. Now it seems that in terms of the Teen Choice Awards at least, they are, resulting in some awful PR for Fox.

Earlier this month Cameron Dallas (nope, we don’t know who is he either) admitted that he knew he had won his award six (yes six) days before the voting closed to the public. Not looking good is it? Perhaps unsurprisingly #TeensDontHaveAChoiceAwards started to trend worldwide, with many faithful fans furious and insisting that they will never watch or vote again. Tut tut.

Result? Award night fail.


Baby, baby, baby… no (see what we did there?)

Earlier this week it was reported that Justin Bieber was involved in a collision with lots of paparazzi whilst driving through Hollywood. Luckily everyone was okay and no one was hurt. However, Bieber made the mistake of ranting on Twitter about his experience with the paps referencing Princess Diana and causing a huge backlash. Probably should steer clear of social media next time Biebs…

Result? Celebrity meltdown.

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