Tech Moves: The Biggest Technology Trends in 2024

Jessie Bland

25 Jan 2024

Tech moves fast. But how can you make the right move without knowing the trends shaping your world?

Our third annual Tech Moves report explores the biggest technology trends impacting the industry, and the marketers and PR pros that work within it.

Ranging from emerging technologies; evolving consumer behaviour; and new regulation, Tech Moves reveals the most important technology trends for 2024.

But, most importantly, it helps tech brands successfully navigate the year ahead and prepare for the biggest moves and changes on the horizon.

What are the top technology trends for 2024?

  1. Bits and bytes, ballots and bureaucracy:

    With 2024 set to be the biggest election year in history – and new regulations hitting companies around the globe – politics and policy will take centre stage.

  2. Artificial intelligence reshaping the future of work:

    Transforming companies will meet change anxiety and the reality of unfillable skills gaps, but looking ahead, AI offers promise for workers rather than office Armageddon.

  3. As bold as B2B:

    The year of the outcome will shape B2B decision-making. Cybersecurity and strong ecosystems can deliver a competitive advantage.

  4. A shifting consumer climate:

    The separation of “social” and “media”, the rise of reusable devices, and the evolving worlds of gaming and finance – all these indicate a fast-changing consumer climate.


What’s important for tech brands in 2024?

After years of rapid digitalisation, all the complexity of the ‘real world’ has caught up with tech. But 2024 certainly feels more auspicious – and in the next twelve months, technology can both shape and solve problems for society.

At the same time, channels are changing, whether it’s the long-awaited death of cookies or the declining traffic to publishers.

There’s a new set of imperatives for how technology brands communicate with the people they need to reach. And, as always, it’s up to marketing and comms teams to strike the right tone in today’s conversations.

We can’t cover everything in one report. But we hope Tech Moves gives you some food for thought – and guidance – to navigate the shifting world ahead.

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