Insight of the week from the Harvard Friday Five – 18 Dec 2015

Amy Bateson

18 Dec 2015

Have you heard? Messaging app Slack has become one of the hottest new software services for businesses over the past year or so. (The Harvard team are using it as a way to reduce some of the email overload.) This week Slack launched its own app store, essentially encouraging other developers to build services on top of Slack's messaging system, just as developers created services on top of Facebook and Twitter. This is interesting because, as Slack gets bigger (it's currently growing at 5% per week), it should become more useful and become a more viable competitor to email. And that's something pretty much all of us would welcome. If that isn’t enough then sign up for the Harvard Friday Five – five updates, insights and ideas delivered to your inbox every Friday morning – please click here. See you for more in 2016!