We’re thrilled to announce that Linn, which designs and makes the world’s best music systems, has tasked us with increasing brand awareness among “unconstrained couples”. We will be focusing on the brand’s British heritage, attention to craftsmanship and dedication to quality products. Linn joins our growing consumer roster, alongside global brands including Sennheiser and the Lyca Group.

Linn has established a reputation for its incredible sound quality and state-of-the-art systems over the past 40 years, aiming its products at music lovers seeking the very best performance for their home. Paul McCartney, Steve Jobs and David Bowie are among some of those rumoured to have had a Linn system in their homes, and Prince Charles awarded the brand a Royal Warrant in 2002.

Commenting on our appointment, Angus Lawrie, marketing director at Linn, said: “The challenge we have is to make a wider audience put Linn on their mental shortlist, alongside booking a holiday or buying a new car, when they’re considering how to spend their income. Harvard really understood the audience we are trying to reach and demonstrated some great creative ideas for achieving this.”

Our very own Linn system is due to arrive at Harvard HQ very shortly. Excited, much!


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