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From first–steps to fame and fortune

Everyone has a story to tell. But how you tell it, and to whom, can make all the difference in the world.

Brands live and die on the strength of the relationships they forge. From customers to communities, influencers to institutions, creating lasting ties is essential to long–term success.

At Harvard, we’ve been helping some of the world’s best technology companies build stronger relationships with the people who matter for almost 40 years. And we work exclusively within the technology sector, giving us a second–to–none understanding of the influencer landscape and how to bring a story to life. If it’s tech, no one knows it better than us.

Our award–winning work spans the broadest range of communications expertise. From industry–leading analyst and public relations programmes to 24/7 newsrooms, campaigns, product launches, thought leadership and more, we have an answer for your communications challenge whatever form it takes.

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