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Best practice account-based marketing to attract, retain and shift perceptions within target accounts

How to plan, build, integrate and execute a successful ABM programme, wherever you are in your journey

What is ABM?

Account-based marketing (ABM) is in its prime, with marketeers exploring and embedding ABM in plans because of increasing pressure to maximise ROI and attribute marketing spend. 

PR and comms leads are realising the merits of working with the wider business to maximise content and support direct engagements through tactical stories and article placements.

Achieving impact at all stages of the funnel, ABM is used for everything from breaking into new accounts to supporting existing sales engagements, by refining messaging and increasing relevancy. To take ABM a step further, the entire experience is being considered as part of account-based experience (ABX) programmes.

And it works: 83% of marketers say ABM increases engagement with target accounts, according to Demandbase.

Harvard’s approach to Account-based marketing 

ABM is many things to many people, ranging from large-scale programmatic campaigns to hyper-personalised 1:1 engagements spanning years.

We believe in a balanced approach, taking the best of both worlds to make it manageable and impactful by striking the right balance of strategy and creativity:


Invest in the right research up-front to enable proper personalisation, clustering where possible and differentiating where needed.


Develop high-impact and bold creative to get noticed by senior decision makers and stand out from the competition.

ABM Best practice

Whether you’re in need of an end-to-end programme or support in a particular area, we can flex to work with existing teams. Although each brief is different, we typically approach in five stages:

1. Discover

What companies are we targeting and who are the individuals we need to influence, what are their challenges and what media and channels are they active on?

2. Plan

What is the story that we can tell that is relevant, compelling and solves the challenges of our key stakeholders?

3.  Create 

How can we stand out in the market, make it memorable and ensure consistency across all content?

4. Content

What are the layers of this story against the funnel – where do we have existing content, and where are the gaps that need new content or formats?

5. Activate and evaluate 

What are the channels we’ll leverage and the processes to put in place to ensure the content is shared with our stakeholders at the right time and how does this integrate with existing ABM activity?

We’re platform agnostic, working with clients to make the most of the platforms in place or recommending the best tools for the job from a trusted roster, including Madison Logic, HubSpot, Salesforce, LinkedIn, Demandbase and 6Sense, to name a few.  

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Wherever you may be on your ABM journey – whether that be starting out and fine tuning your existing programme – we’re the account-based marketing agency to help.

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