Harvard: Specialist PR Agency of the Year

Louie St Claire

19 Oct 2017

  Writing a blog post about our own award win isn’t something we tend to do. But today we’re making an exception. Last night Harvard won Specialist Agency of the Year at the PR Week Awards. We’re biased, but it was also the best PR Week Awards night ever and this on their 30th anniversary. I mean, even Roger Daltrey turned up! It’s the third time in a row we’ve been shortlisted and the first time in the agency’s history that we’ve won it. Over the last seven years we’ve worked hard to rebuild Harvard into a force to be reckoned with, doubling in the last two years. The secret to our success is in the absolutely, mind-bendingly brilliant people that live our technology specialism day-in day-out for the best technology clients in the business. At Harvard we claim to make technology personal. This is a simple belief that whatever tech you’re selling ultimately reaches real people. Understand those people and you can make your comms laser-focused and have the biggest impact. Add in a sprinkle of full-service capabilities and you can find the right answer to most problems. All of this of course requires true specialists to deliver it and brings us back to why we’ve worked so hard on this particular award and why we're so damned chuffed to get our hands on it! (If you want to see how damned chuffed we were, see our reaction below) Photo credit: PR Week https://twitter.com/HarvardComms/status/920941180615086080