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Tech Ignition: Kicking off Kickstarter

Harvard PR

04 Aug 2015

We are now a few months into our Tech Ignition programme and whilst we eagerly await our two crowd funded products, nuimo and COGITO FIT, to arrive, we are on the hunt for new projects to pledge our support to.

From practical creations like SunPort, the solar powered plugs which will brighten the battery life of your favourite gadgets, to more entertainment focused inventions such as smart robot Vortex, the sky’s the limit when it comes to finding technology to be passionate about. In fact, we are finding it increasingly difficult every month to narrow our selection down to a top three to vote for!

Whilst this is a chance for us to engage with the outlandish it’s also key for us to keep an eye on the market, to see how consumers are using new tech and how some of the latest inventions can enhance their lives. We also want to make sure that we are backing campaigns which we truly believe will be the next big thing in tech. We’re looking to champion innovators that sit alongside the likes of customisable watch Pebble, one of the first smartwatches to ever hit the market after being fully crowd funded in 2012. This year it reached sales of over one million units – an impressive figure considering it launched at a time when the smartwatch market was relatively immature.

So, whilst we impatiently watch our pigeon hole for our exciting deliveries to arrive, you can keep both eyes peeled for our first Kickstarter project review, coming here soon!