HARVARD HERO MOMENT #35: A lovesong to Spotify

Georgina Greenspan

12 Jun 2020

I can’t be the only one who walks through life with my own soundtrack … right? From the songs that transport you to pivotal moments in your life, to the playlists we create for them, there is nothing like music to evoke some of our most precious memories and take us on a journey… all of which is why, I’ve chosen Spotify as my well-deserved second tech hero moment.

Dancing down a musical memory lane: from vinyl to digital

Music has – and always will be – an important part of our society. From a young age, music has an impact on our lives. Your parents sing you to sleep with lullabies, you make friends by singing rhymes in the school playground. School carols feature children singing (beautifully I’ve no doubt) while dressed as baubles and angels, giving their parents memories (and brilliant 18th birthday party blackmail) for years to come. When you get older, music can define your friendship group and your style; it’s a coming of age – a way to shape the person you want to become. And for many of us, our musical tastes change as we grow (I’m getting fairly close to Radio 4 stage I think). And throughout music’s journey, technology has evolved alongside it, giving us new ways to enjoy these experiences together. From listening to vinyl as a family, to streaming across multiple homes, Spotify is the modern-day pinnacle of this evolution. It gives us access to music, many would have long forgotten, the ability to co-create playlists with friends to share memories of good times – and it encourages to keep discovering something new and different. I’d be remiss not to mention here, Spotify’s excellent annual campaign, showcasing the talent you’ve enjoyed the most, the alternatives you should try – and the stats that map your year in music (and beyond). I follow more than 200 playlists on Spotify – and who knows how many of those I’ve created myself …

How music brings us together, even when we’re apart

Today, music feels perhaps more important than it’s ever been. It’s a way to spread joy, to bring us together and to continue to share our lives – and create memories – even when we’re miles apart. My weekly pub quiz (which I know the world over has embraced) features at least two music rounds. Thanks to one of our colleagues, we have a weekly playlist for the whole agency to enjoy, and musical – and podcast – recommendations abound. All ways for us to remain connected, even when we can’t be physically.

The era of the podcast

But, let’s not forget, Spotify is about more than just music. With the emergence of podcasts, people have a new way to consume content from around the world – sharing their passion, whether it’s cooking, fitness, mindfulness or unsolved cases – with other fans from all over the world. It’s a new way to educate ourselves, a new way to see a new perspective and to challenge yourself to be better.

So, why Spotify?

Spotify brings all that together, for anyone to listen to, across any platform. I have playlists I listen to for nostalgia, playlists to cheer me up, podcasts that help me get off my butt and running, to help me learn and to bring me closer to those I love. All powered by Spotify. It’s a place to remember, a place to learn and a place to look to the future. And, that’s why I think it more than deserves its place in our top 40 tech moments.