Harvard launches Tech Ignition

Alix Vonk

28 May 2015

Here at Harvard we’re fascinated with how technology transforms everything from the way in which we connect with others to how we do business or spend our leisure time. But we’re not content to just unpack the latest Apple or Samsung offering or post yet another selfie to Instagram; we want to know what the next big thing is.

That’s why we’ve launched Tech Ignition, a programme to put us at the cutting-edge of tech developments from around the world. As part of that programme we plan to invest in a different tech-focused Kickstarter project every month, chosen by the Harvard team, and in return we’ll be among the first to get our hands on prototype products.

We’ve kicked off by making a pledge for nuimo, a nifty little gadget that can be used as a universal controller of all of your connected devices – enabling you to control music, lights, central heating and more. It’s been conceived by a hardware start-up called Senic in Berlin, Germany, and has (at the time of writing) raised over €170,000 through Kickstarter. We get our “developer’s edition” in July and will post our review: a candid look at what tomorrow’s inventors are creating today.

Will we find the next iPod? The next Jobs? Who knows what we’ll uncover, but I’m sure we’ll have fun along the way. It’s not always obvious either. Our first Kickstarter was very nearly Planty, an internet connected plant pot that allows you to monitor and water plants while you’re away from home via a mobile app, which only lost out to niumo by a few votes. Watch this space.