Join us for a series of Analyst Relations best practice, networking and training events

David Rossiter

02 Jun 2016

Analyst relations: black art? We think not, but we recognise there are very few focused events and training opportunities for those who have full or partial responsibility for industry analyst relations (AR). That’s why we’re partnering with leading AR consultancy KCG to deliver a series of one-day events aimed at anyone is responsible for, or has an interest in, AR in technology companies. Pioneered in the US, these events have attracted hundreds of AR professionals from leading vendors, giving them hints, tips, training and networking opportunities – all geared to helping them to do their jobs more effectively. We are bringing three different events to Europe for the first time this July.  If you’d like to attend, please contact Amy Bateson.   Come to one, two or all three – whatever works best for you. We’ll be delighted to have you join us.   An introduction to Industry Analyst Relations (Tuesday 12 July, Holborn, London, 9am-5pm) Free one-day networking and panel discussion-based event covering the analyst landscape, best practices and “hints and tips”. Draft agenda (subject to change)
  • The analyst landscape and alternatives to Gartner
  • The firms – strengths and weaknesses. Q&A
  • Influencer Relations – what does it REALLY mean?
  • Measuring Influence – what to measure, when and how Hints & Tips exchange (moderated discussion)
  Analyst Relations “Deep-Dive” (Wednesday 13 July, Holborn, London,  9am-5pm) Moderated discussions on the analyst landscape, the new KCG “Alternatives to Gartner (ATG)” approach, best practices and contract negotiations. Tickets for this event cost $325 (£225) per person Draft agenda (subject to change)
  • The state of the nation, the Global Analyst Landscape, introducing “Alternatives to Gartner”
  • The EMEA Analyst landscape and firm level trends
  • Analyst firm contracts – getting better deals
  • The Challenges of EMEA specific AR
  • Best Practices – key trends, hints and tips exchange
  AR Training: Working with the Analysts (Thursday 14 July, Covent Garden, London, 9am-6pm) KCG’s world-renowned “Working with the Analysts” training programme – leading to the industry-recognised Certified Industry Analyst Relations Practitioner (CIARP) qualification. The cost to attend is $1295 (£895) per person.
  • Analyst landscape and analyst firm taxonomy
  • How and why to work with the analysts
  • Targeting and alignment
  • Interaction best practices
  • Building the perfect pitch
  • Planning and managing meetings
  • Sharing Intelligence – a two-way street
  • The Analysts and product development
  • Doing Business with analyst firms
  • Measuring AR success