Making Technology Personal: Have you got what it takes?


Technology isn’t just an important part of our daily lives – it is the underlying narrative for every major story.

Every day tech companies play some part in the front-page stories.

And not always for the right reasons.

People are starting to ask questions after major disruption across virtually every industry.

Tech brands are facing unprecedented and interlinking challenges. From extremist content and radicalisation, to automation, job destruction and the impact on political discourse.

It was against this backdrop that we decided to try and understand what these changes mean for technology companies and how it impacts the way they should operate.

To achieve this we spoke to a smart and connected audience.

We wanted to understand the place technology brands occupy in these people’s thinking, but also the attributes of those brands based on the way they communicate.

Finally we’ve provided our thoughts on how tech firms should approach their communications in this brave new world.

The results show how this vibrant sector can continue to shine, and how the brands within it can keep engaging the people they need to reach.

We hope you enjoy reading.

Louie St Claire
Group CEO, Harvard

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