Shopatron hires Harvard

Jo Jamieson

12 Aug 2014

Britons spend more on online shopping than any other country in the world, according to Ofcom; and judging by the number of packages arriving in reception on a daily basis, we might be spending more than the national average of £1,175 per head here at Harvard Towers. Mobile shopping is also on the increase, with over 20% of mobile internet users in the UK having purchased goods or services from their phone.

We are truly a nation of shoppers.

That’s just one of the reasons we’re thrilled to be hired by retail tech provider, Shopatron – cool name, cool company – to help it recruit UK-based retailers who need to tackle the increasing demands of their online and mobile customers. We’ll be implementing an audience-centric, campaign-led PR programme to help raise awareness of Shopatron’s omni-channel solution which offers retailers a simple way of offering services such as click-and-collect to their customers.

Shop on, people.

Photo credit: Tim Reckmann on Flickr