Tech Ignition: COGITO FIT

Amy McRitchie

30 Jun 2015

Another month, another Kickstarter pledge and this time we’ve entered into the exciting world of wearables. COGITO FIT the connected watch that does all the “smart” stuff but doesn’t need charging – and it’s waterproof! Don’t get any ideas, this wont compare to any premier dive watches, heck probably not even the medium ones but it will save you from breaking it during real life.

COGITO has been created by CONNECTEDDEVICE, a Seattle based company that is “smartly connecting the world with beautiful products that you want to own and use.” The project has surpassed its target, raising $113,388, and we only have to wait a few short weeks until we get our shiny new watches to play with.

What drew us to this project is that it provides an affordable alternative to the Apple Watch – but still looks and functions as a regular watch. It notifies you of calls, calendar reminders, tracks your activity and can control your smartphone – all that fun stuff – but it doesn’t need charging every day.

This year has been a big year for smartwatches and while there have been many doubters questioning whether a watch needs to be “smart”, we can’t wait to try this technology and see how it fits into our lives. I remember thinking that cameras on phones would never take off – and look where we are now!

We spend so much of our lives absorbed with screens it will be interesting to see how being able to simply glance at notifications will change how we interact with our smartphones. We won’t have long to wait…