The good, the bad and the ugly – our favourite campaigns from June 2015

Sarah Attwood

10 Jul 2015

Hello July and hello holiday season. Get your beach bods at the ready, grab the sun cream and your suitcase – it’s holiday time! Whether you are toasting with Pimms on the BBQ, or heading somewhere much cooler than here apparently, have a read of some of the best campaigns from June taken from our Tumblr page – Oh Holy Shet! Oh holy shet! revenge-car-300x215 I think this was a stunt we all saw over social media, which appeared to be a recently divorced man cutting everything he owned with his ex-wife in half, as a bitter act of revenge. Awks. The man recorded himself using power tools on all their possessions, and decided to post all the items on eBay. Pretty crazy if you ask us. But, it turns out this was just a PR stunt by a German Legal Information Company. Brilliant stunt – you had us and most of the Internet and international media fooled!  Result? Hot stuff burrito Fast food company Chipotle caused quite a stir at Pride events across the US with their new LGBT friendly advertising campaign this month. The company asked people “which way do you sway”, offering people to choose tacos or burritos (make what you want out of that). As a result, the campaign caused great traction on social media and some coverage across top tier publications. Great work! Result? Grab some ice, you’re burning up bloodblood1blood2 Did you notice anything strange about signs and shop fronts earlier this month? To celebrate National Blood Week, letters disappeared from a range of different signs as part of a campaign urging people to donate desperately-needed blood. A great way to raise awareness, people were urged to join in to remove letters from their names and posts on social media, using the hashtag #missingtype. Great work!! A brilliant campaign to raise awareness. Result? Get your sunnies out, this one’s a scorcher Oh… holy shet altontowersbad Alton Towers saw a huge disaster this month when its Smiler rollercoaster crashed causing 16 people to get injured – including two people who suffered life changing injuries. Unfortunately I think this will be one disaster that people won’t forget for a while. Result? Stormy What’s been your favourite campaign from June? Let us know by tweeting us @Harvard_PR, or commenting below.