A Creative Morning: A Short Film about Creativity in 2021

Neel Sood

04 May 2021

A couple of months ago, we received a fascinating brief as part of an integrated higher education campaign for Cisco: create a series of short films told from the perspective of a student, a researcher and an ops manager.

But to tell the story of university life during this unprecedented moment in time, all the footage had to be self-shot. It had to feel authentic – like an imprint of 2021. Something future generations could watch as a piece of living history.

We knew the story we wanted to tell, and we knew how we wanted to tell it. What we didn’t know was the reality of shooting and producing it. How could we make sure that our cast knew the tone and style of content we were after? And how could we experiment with lighting, angles, sound and editing to create something that was more than the sum of its parts?

So, we did it ourselves.

The result is ‘A Creative Morning’: an earnest and reflective little film that tells the story of one morning in the lives of creatives (i.e. us) during the pandemic. We filmed our workday from 9am to 12pm, and wove in an honest and refreshing narrative about how creativity has evolved in 2021, and how this extraordinary event has shaped our growth as human beings. We think it turned out rather well 🙂

Watch it here.