Where technology has seismic impact

The work done by enterprise–level technology companies today is shaping the world we’ll live in tomorrow. That means those businesses need to be able to demonstrate their responsibility – not just to their employees and shareholders, but to the countries and communities they work in too.

Whether it's addressing IT security threats, understanding the impact of artificial intelligence, or building smart cities, our enterprise technology clients are at the centre of all this and more.

From a communications stand-point it means having an in-depth understanding of the market drivers and societal impact of these technologies. It also means having a clear view of all audiences and influencers - and a plan of how to engage with them and deliver a narrative that is authentic.

We work in partnership with clients, helping to navigate the complex communications challenges across internal audiences, customers, partners, analysts, industry bodies, campaigning groups, bloggers and the media.

Enterprise technology has already changed the world we live, work and play in - and its role will be ever-more important in years ahead. We want to work with the companies that are shaping this.

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