Harvard heads to Hello @ TechHub

Amy Bateson

25 Aug 2016

Earlier this week we made our way to TechHub’s Shoreditch campus where it had once again opened its doors - and floor - to twelve of the hottest new start-ups on the tech scene. The premise is simple but effective, you get two minutes to pitch before turning to the audience for a round of Q&As. True Dragon’s Den style. For many of the companies speaking, it’s an opportunity to get some robust feedback on their presenting and business model, interest from investors and kudos from their peers. We saw everything from on-demand bicycle repairs to all-in-one hotel management apps; a huge range of new products, services and ideas for us to get excited about. We’ve picked some of our favourites below:


A mobile and wearable app that analyses your wellbeing and shares updates with your family. Aimed at helping us deal with an increasingly elderly generation, its aim is to help us look after parents and family members wherever we are in the world. A very worthwhile project in our eyes.


A refresh of the billboard. Its product, ECHO, will unlock a heap of advertising space and it will become a whole lot cheaper! This one is hard to describe because honestly, it was one of the most futuristic ideas I’ve heard; but huge props to the presenter who delivered the pitch with aplomb and had us all bought in. We cannot wait for them to become mainstream!

The Booking Factory

All in one hotel management, from the booking through to the marketing. This app is perfect for helping small businesses get market share. It’s very smart and we think it will go a long way.

Tick the Bucket

That bucket list you’ve had going for about ten years just got easier, Tick the Bucket tracks your list and connects you to other people wanting to do the same things. It cleverly uses technology to tap into human emotion allowing you to achieve those lifelong dreams – without doing it alone. We are big fans.


Automatically transfers details from flyers straight into your calendar so you’ll never miss an event again. In an age where we see things so frequently [and forget them just as quickly!]; we think an app like this would help us be a whole lot more cultural. As the MC put it ‘the Shazam of events’. We like.


Breeders, groomers, walkers and vets all in one app. Honestly, if you are an animal lover, you will like this a lot. It puts everything in one place, allowing you to track your pets appointments, get reminders and advice on who is the best person to visit.


That guitar you’ve had lying in your house and never been able to play? Well, now you can learn, with Musicisum, which will take you through the whole journey from beginner to pro. These guys had such passion for their project (they are musicians themselves) and, we think, have a blooming great idea. We are signing up. We’ll be on stage before you know it … We’ll be keeping an eye on how these guys are getting on – so keep your eyes peeled for more news! And we will certainly be heading back to TechHub again to meet more new and exciting start-ups.