Introducing… Outleap

Rachel Friend

05 Jun 2023

I’m enormously proud to share the launch of Outleap, a global collective of the world’s best tech PR and marketing agencies built for the new era of tech. 

Why now?

Technology powers our world today. From entire industries to individual households, it’s how we work, play, learn and connect. And every day, it helps us do things we couldn’t do before – creating new possibilities to overcome barriers and change the world for the better. 

Technology challenges everything. But ambitious challenger brands have been forced to settle for the old-comms model of hub-based, catch-all global campaigns rolled out across different markets. It just isn’t working. 

That’s why we’ve created Outleap. A new kind of global agency collective for a new tech era – purpose-built to meet this challenge. 

Who are we?

We’ve united Method (North America), Harvard and Eat the Fox (Europe) and Sling & Stone (Asia Pacific) to provide a unique combination of global reach, local tech expertise and a shared challenger mindset – powered by 300 storytellers, creatives and strategic thinkers. 

I’m delighted to join Sling & Stone’s CEO, Vuki Vujasinovic, as Outleap’s co-CEOs, alongside Method’s CEO, David Parkinson, who will serve as our Chairman.  

All three agencies have experience working together on clients such as Meta, HubSpot, Tata Communications, Bloomberg and OPPO. While our agencies will remain individual brands, we will come together under the Outleap umbrella to deliver for new clients going forward.  

What does this all mean?

We’re committed to partnering with the most ambitious tech companies in the world; brands that are as hungry as we are. 

Together, we’ll bring the power of our agencies to offer brands a new type of global comms. One that’s strategically global but supported by a nuanced understanding of each local market and game-changing creativity.  

I’m incredibly excited to be part of this journey – delivering an unparalleled experience for our clients worldwide. And if you are too, or want to know more about what Outleap means for you, drop me a message here.