Welcome to the Harvard Hotseat.

Our plan: to introduce you to some of the actual real-life humans who come to Harvard and make things happen every day.

This month we spoke to account director Kate Baker, who joined our marketing team earlier this year.

We asked her about her role at Harvard, why she loves working in tech comms and the gadget she couldn’t live without.

She’s also a clear contender for the ‘Best On-Screen Exit’ award.

Check out the video below to see for yourself…

Harvard Hotseat: The creative duo

Harvard, Harvard Hotseat

Jo Bromilow Harvard
Harvard Hotseat – Jo Bromilow, Digital Engagement Lead

Harvard Hotseat

In the Harvard Hotseat: George Greenspan

Harvard Hotseat

Hotseat with Matt Tubbs
Harvard Hotseat: Matt Tubbs

Harvard, Harvard Hotseat, PR

Harvard Hotseat – Lana Taylor, Account Manager

Consumer, Harvard, Harvard Hotseat

In the Harvard Hotseat: Sam Ward, PR account executive

Harvard Hotseat