In loving memory of our colleague and friend, Dom Conolly

Rachel Friend

14 Sep 2023

We are extremely sad to share that one of our employees, Dom Conolly, passed away unexpectedly earlier this week. Dom was one of the most loved people in our agency – and for good reason. He was incredibly talented, and was always the person to put his hand up to support others, whether that was on client work, offering client counsel, or being an ear to his colleagues and friends at the pub.

He had a huge heart, and an unbound passion for life and was someone who, for so many of us, embodied the spirit to live in the moment. He had exciting aspirations for his life, from his career to travelling the world, and for so many of us here, and those in the wider industry too, was a friend and will be incredibly, incredibly missed.

As an agency, in the coming months, we will share our plans on initiatives we would like to launch in Dom’s honour, and would value all your support in ensuring his memory lives on.