After two and a half months of planning and building, the Harvard team finally took a giant “Sound Bubble” to Covent Garden last week. Essentially it’s a giant cube made of Perspex, built to replicate the personal sound bubble you enter when you put on your headphones.

We’re driving awareness around Sennheiser’s latest brand-building social video campaign ‘What’s your MOMENTUM?’ which celebrates innovators in sound from the everyday man and woman, to celebrity ambassadors.

05.30 : Our bubble build arrives wrapped in plastic at Covent Garden where it’s greeted by the bleary-eyed Harvard team who direct it to a prime spot ready for its three-day stint of welcoming passers-by to play the walls and everyday objects from bike wheels to chairs…

The cube arrives in Covent Garden

Playing chairs and wheels in a transparent cube doesn’t feel that innovative does it? Well that’s when we bought in one of our MOMENTUM ambassadors, Bruno Zamborlin who is the brains behind a nifty new gadget which has recently secured funding through a Kick-Starter campaign, Mogees. Mogees is a small app and a sensor which converts vibrations from everyday objects and turns them into musical instruments – check out jamming with a bowl of fruit.

Bruno Zamborlin from Mogees

This is all very amusing, but I digress, Sennheiser wanted to celebrate MOMENTUM and build brand awareness and we wanted to increase participation and get great coverage.

08.00 We were ready to welcome national picture desks to our photo call with Bruno along with some pretty ladies (thanks to our Good Relations colleagues for coming out early in your prettiest summer frocks) all in the sound bubble get the opening shot.

photographer and Bruno

09.00 Promo girls arrive and lure the early risers in to discover their MOMENTUM and create some great footage for the site.

10.00 Our first media get to the installation for interviews with Sennheiser and Mogees creator, Bruno – there’s lots of excitement around the new tech and Sennheiser’s commitment to champion innovators in sound. We lure the likes of Recombu, Verge and What Mobile? in to make music and with some encouragement, (despite being keenly watched by the general public) the media really get into creating some beautiful sounds.



As the warm summer day in Covent Garden wears on, the general hub around the box draws even more attention and soon we have everyone from bikers to skateboarders and tots to teens discovering more about “What’s your MOMENTUM”. The next two days is much of the same, with an eclectic mix of people engaging with something never been seen before, courtesy of audio specialist, Sennheiser. Social media is buzzing with positive feeling for both the brand and Mogees… it’s a great project which relies heavily on everyone getting involved, so get on board, join the conversation and share with us #WhatsYourMOMENTUM

You can submit a seven second video of what gives you MOMENTUM for a chance to win some awesome prizes via the Sennheiser website.

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