Britain’s EU referendum and decision to vote Leave has had a profound effect on the country’s political and economic landscape. Britain’s tech sector – proportionally the largest of any country in the G20 – obviously won’t escape the impact of such a momentous change.

The vast majority of tech businesses wanted to remain in the EU. They now have to adjust to a post-Brexit landscape, even if none of us is entirely sure what that will look like yet. But tech businesses are all about adapting to changing circumstances, and their can-do attitude will see them through even these difficult times.

So based on what we do know, what is Brexit likely to mean for Britain’s tech sector? We think the impact can best be compared to ripples in a pond, affecting virtually every business over time.

We have prepared an advisory note with our view on the likely impact of Brexit and its ramifications for PR and digital communications. Feel free to share and let us know what you think. We’re in uncharted territory, so if nothing else the coming months and years will be very interesting.

The impact of Brexit on the tech sector from Harvard

Feel free to also download our Brexit advisory note directly.

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