I wouldn’t normally put a note up about another award nominations, but please bear with me because this one is special…

I was recently asked in an interview what we do in our award submissions that win us so many awards.

My answer was that whilst we put a lot into the entries, that is the easy part. The real challenge is to, year-in, year out, achieve high growth, develop new services and opportunities, continue to nurture your culture and talent – all with the express objective of doing great client work.

That’s why this year I can’t really put into words how chuffing proud I am that our team at Harvard have been nominated for the Holmes Report EMEA Technology Agency of the year for the FIFTH – yes, the FIFTH – consecutive year.

What’s more, we’ve been the outright winner twice and went on to be global tech agency of the year in 2017.

We particularly love these awards. They get a broad US audience which is great for us, and the team at Holmes always put the time into getting to know the agencies that they are putting forward. As a result, there is always formidable competition (good luck and well done Chameleon, AxiCom, Schwartz and Hotwire). Bring it on!

The Harvard write up, which is worth a read, is testament to the downright brilliantly awesome team we have put together. Whether at Harvard for five weeks or five years everyone knows it’s the people that make an agency and we’ll definitely be celebrating that right up to the awards finals in Amsterdam and beyond…

Happy days.

Rattling (and rocking) the SABREs…

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