Introducing…*drum roll*…our debut podcast series: Making Technology Personal.

Following the research we published last year, we’ll be digging into the role tech brands play in people’s lives today and what that means for comms.

We’ll be talking to tech CEOs, CMOs and other comms people to learn how the sector can keep thriving despite increasingly tough media coverage and changing customer demands.

Our first episode is a recording of the event we hosted at Harvard Towers to kick off the research campaign back in November.

We brought together some of the brightest minds in tech and comms to find out what action tech brands should take in light of our report’s findings.

Holmes Report founder Paul Holmes hosted a lively panel session featuring three very special guests:

  • Helen Prowse, who heads up comms for Square in UK
  • Danielle Restivo, Head of Global Communications for SAP’s cloud computing operation
  • Louie St Claire, our very own CEO

The discussion spanned everything from the importance of looking beyond technical issues and focussing on human stories to the way that impacts measurement.

Listen to the full episode below:

You can also find it on iTunes and Acast

Get in touch today to carry on the conversation.

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